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Full Count Baseball Ministry, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, exists to Encourage, Teach and Develop youth to model Christ-like behavior utilizing the fundamentals of baseball. Full Count Baseball Ministry was established in 1999 in Denver, Colorado and served 2,000 youth from 1999 to 2012. Its purpose was to sponsor African-American males, ages 6 – 17 in summer baseball leagues in the Denver metro area. These teams consisted of a 12 team T-Ball League, 5 teams with the Denver Police Activities League, a team with Southeast Denver Baseball League, 2 teams with American Legion and a team with the Junior and Senior Reviving Baseball Inner City (RBI), which is sponsored by Major League baseball. Full Count Baseball Ministry served an average of 150 youth per year, involving them in playing organized baseball and participating in service projects, character building and a mentoring program.
Growing up in society today is increasingly challenging for young boys, especially African American boys. The problems faced are lack of financial, community, family, educational and medical resources. In Mississippi, 1 in 2 or 47.7 percent of African-American children are poor. The high school graduation rate for Jackson Public Schools is 64 percent, with a drop-out rate of 23 percent. In Jackson, 4 out of 10 boys were obese or overweight. There is a direct correlation with these social problems and the lack of positive male role models. By providing the opportunity to be in a structured environment, learning the game of baseball and interacting with positive coaches who are committed to developing character, community and integrity, my belief is that Full Count Baseball Ministry can impact this current generation.
As the founder of Full Count Baseball Ministry, I am passionate about the program. In 2013, I relocated back to my birthplace in Mississippi from Denver, Colorado. Having served as a Juvenile Correctional Administrator for over 20 years and as a high school baseball coach for over 40 years, I am convinced that young African-American boys can and will become self-confident, productive members of their communities when given the benefit of close relationships with positive adult role models. I want to re-establish Full Count Baseball Ministry in Jackson, Mississippi.


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