Every young man deserves a coach to walk alongside him.

Full Count Baseball is a team of coaches that love to invest in the lives of young men, so they would know the Lord’s goodness and graciousness, and through Christ-centered discipleship, come to serve in the purpose the Lord has created.
Just as Paul discipled Timothy by equipping, empowering, employing, and communicating his love, respect, and appreciation for Timothy as a son, brother, and messenger of Christ, we are also called to do the same (2 Timothy 4:1-8).


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Herb Sanders co-founded Full Count Baseball Ministry over 20 years ago, convinced that young men can, and will, become self-confident and restoring agents in their communities when given the benefit of close relationships with positive adult role models. With twenty-two years of service in Juvenile Corrections and forty years as a baseball coach, Sanders developed the vision to disciple young men through the game of baseball.
In 2013 the organization moved to Jackson, Mississippi, and maintains the same foundational goals. Full Count Baseball Ministry believes in the importance of working toward a team goal, the achievements that can be realized through cooperative effort, and the confidence that is derived from improved individual performance within a team setting.
Society is an ever-changing entity for young people. The issues young men face on a daily basis can stem from a lack of financial, communal, educational, medical, and spiritual resources, in addition to the sinful temptations of life. All youth face an assortment of these challenges, however, in our predominately African-American community success is still a continuous effort to “stay ahead of the game.”
What has been identified is a lack of consistent relationships between youth and an encouraging male role model. Full Count Baseball models Christ-like service through encouragement, formation, and leadership development for young men utilizing the fundamentals of baseball.

What Our Students and Their Parents Say

Elbert McGowan

Full Count has provided my son with peers, an outlet to use his God-given
gifts, and a context in which he is being prepared not only for the game of
baseball but life. My favorite memory, outside of watching them win their first game, is
watching them encourage one another during games. The way in which these
boys support and care for each other is a blessing.

Bärbel Kramer

It’s a team! The boys grow together and learn to trust and rely on each

Sheila Nasekos

Full count is a ministry that uses baseball as a tool to build character in youngmen. The Full Count coaches are key. They mentor these boys not only inbaseball, but in life. James has grown in confidence, skills and boldness both on and off the field. He also grew in his love for baseball and leadership skills and
in his boldness for Christ. Multigenerational ministry is key!

Davy Trewolla

It's a little league baseball ministry dedicated to teaching the game of
baseball and using that platform to invest in the lives of the players and guide
them in their faith journey.

Thomas Clark

Full Count is an opportunity to form lifelong bonds with teammates and Christ whilelearning to play a beautiful game the right way. My favorite memories are being one of the guys, playing for a bigger purpose, and learning from CoachSanders.

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